Club meetings

We meet generally on Wednesdays, 7.30 pm to 21.30 pm.

Warning : to know which Wednesday precisely you need to contact our VP Membership or our VP Public Relations:

Please note that it is advisable to come at least fifteen minutes before the start for a good organization. And that will allow you to enjoy the welcome drink.

Languages :

Our meetings are often in French, sometimes in English. In all cases we can welcome you and answer your questions in English.

The location :

37 Boulevard Aristide Briand, 13100 Aix-en-Provence.

Attending as a guest :

Our guests are Welcome : When invited to attend as a guest you’ll be welcome at our club meetings. You can participate to table topics if you wish, or you can just watch and listen if you prefer.

As a guest you will be introduced so that the members of the club know who you are, and make themselves available to answer your questions.

We might encourage you to join the club as a full member. Joining is the first step towards becoming a better speaker. But we will not insist: it is entirely up to you to decide.

You can register your coming to the next meetings on  Meetup  (Be careful: there are a lot of Toastmasters clubs in the area make sure you target the correct one)
Warning : As the number of seats is limited for security reasons please make sure to contact us before coming :